Hey there!!

 I’m Lindsey White

I’m so excited you are here! I am a natural light photographer from Prior Lake, Minnesota who loves to travel where the business takes me! My style is genuine, timeless, and fun.
What makes me different from other photographers is that I care about YOU and strive to create a memorable experience beyond just providing a service for you.


I have a passion for capturing couples who are madly in love and want a strong marriage more beautiful than their wedding, and high school seniors’ personalities through photographs as they transition into the real world.

My Goals

Connect with you on a personal level to create a trusting and comfortable relationship, which results in genuine, joyful images.


Provide you with a unique experience that portrays who you are here and now, which results in genuine photos you feel excited about and memories to look back on for years to come.


I do this through my expertise of posing, learning about you beyond what I need to know to take photos, sharing who I am beyond the camera so you can relate to me as a person, and educating/communicating with you through the entire process.

My Purpose


“Be the change you want to see in the world.”


I strive to make change by:

  • Serving others with grace and love
  • Creating a joyful and memorable experiences for my clients
  • Educating other photographers/creatives on how to make their dreams and passions thrive

Dedicated student and creative visionary to passionate business owner and aspiring educator.

Behind the Scenes

Beyond the camera

On days that I’m not working, you can usually find me snuggled up in the biggest and fluffiest blanket in the house watching a movie or Netflix binging with my fur baby, Toby.

My Story

I’ve always had a creative eye growing up and it was during my freshman year of high school when I decided I wanted to save up and buy a $500 camera and start taking nice photos. Little did I know that a little hobby would bring me so much joy! I quickly realized how much I loved working with people and seeing the joy I could create when they saw the photos I took. The impact was so rewarding for me that I wanted to do more.

I began by working for JcPenney Portrait Studio as a main photographer and sales member at just 16 years old.. I learned so much about working with people of all ages and how to get creative with posing. But when it came time to think about college and what I wanted to do as my career, I felt so torn. Do I play it safe with a high-paying degree or do I pursue photography? At the time I didn’t think my photography could be enough to provide financially for a future family, so I decided to help people in a different way by becoming a pediatric nurse. I went through all the steps to making that happen, until the summer before my senior year when my business exploded. After building my skills in photography for a year at the portrait studio, I had created so much demand for myself, I remember having a week with 5 SESSIONS. My mom noticed how much I was growing that summer and was the who convinced me to pursue my passion instead of pursuing the “safe” career option of nursing. I decided that in a world full of change and unknown, I didn’t want my potential to grow personally and professionally to be constrained by someone else that I worked for. I wanted to determine my own fate and have the truth in my heart that I earned the life I dreamed of.

So during my senior year when most high school students were going to football games and dances, I was staying at home with my butt glued to my chair for hours on end to edit photos and build my business, even after many hours of homework and studying.

I’ve learned that a degree doesn’t guarantee you a job or the knowledge you need to pursue a job. The people you know, the work you put into something, the education you invest in, and the passion you have to make a difference is what can get you where you want to be. So long story short, I chose to do what makes me feel alive so I could LIVE my life and not just slave through life with a 9-5 job I don’t love. However, I do believe education is still important, and that’s why I stilled earned a degree in public relations; not because I need it, but because I want to know more about how to best serve people through my business.

We only have one life and I believe in making the most of it, being real, having fun, and dancing your heart out through it all!

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me!
I’d love to learn more about YOU so we can create photos that you love looking back at for years to come!