Are you looking for a fun session that can provide a variety of images to display and share with their friends and family? Are you looking to capture and share your uniqueness/interests/hobbies in your senior photos? Are you a senior who wants to share your images every #seniorsunday? Well, if you said yes, then you came to the right place!

Today, senior photography is more than just images… it’s a real part of capturing who you were at this time in your life!

What were your interests? What were you involved in? Not only do you deserve beautiful images, you also deserve an amazing photographic experience. Your senior year is a life-changing experience from beginning to end and having photos to document that time is a huge part of that experience….. shouldn’t it be fun? and enjoyable? and natural? I think so!

One way I ensure that my seniors enjoy the BEST photographic experience possible is through forming a relationship with them. I try my best to make sure that all of my seniors are a good fit before officially booking. A senior should CONNECT with their photographer, TRUST their photographer, and be EXCITED about the whole process with them! After booking, I love getting to know my clients through a questionnaire because it allows me to understand the senior, their interests, and get a feel for their personality! When my seniors feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera, that results in genuine, joyful images!

I do this by guiding you through poses and by having fun with you so your photos reflect natural joy. I want to give you a fun experience full of photos that make you happy to look back at for years to come because they remind you of the wonderful memories you’ve created this year.


The average senior spends about

on their senior experience.
Please fill out the contact form for more thorough details on pricing packages!

non-refundable retainer due at booking.

I’m not the typical senior photographer because I don’t take photos for me.
I take them for YOU. I want you to feel YOUR kind of beautiful,
I want you to enjoy this time celebrating YOU,
and I want to make it as EASY and STRESS-FREE as possible!
I’m here to walk you through it all; from outfits, to pricing,
and everything inbetween.

I also want to make it EASY for you to share your images and order prints. This is why
all of my senior packages include a beautifully displayed online digital gallery
that allows you to easily download, print, and share you images from your
computer and/or cell phone!
No more confusing and strict print lists, with sizes you don’t need.
No over-edited photos that don’t look like you.
No feeling awkward in front of the camera thanks to my posing expertise.
No more wishing you could have more without having to pay hundreds or thousands more.
No more feeling bored and hating to get your photos taken.
No minimum print purchases.
No secret fine print.


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